Friday, October 22, 2010

What have I been up to??

This picture about sums it up! For the last eight weeks, I have been taking the first of many college courses. This past summer, I decided to finally go back to college to finish my bachelor's degree. The last class I had was back when I found out I was pregnant with Grace. Needless to say, raising two young children doesn't allow extra time to complete degrees! :) I am so blessed to have had 69 credits that transferred into Central Michigan University from so long ago! Last week, I successfully finished my first class back. Although grades aren't yet out, I do think I'll end up with a B. I am very happy with that grade. It was a tough, time-consuming class and with being a wife, mom and working full-time... well, a B is pretty good in my opinion!

I did take a little bit of time from school-work to play. The above picture was taken at Frederik Meijer Gardens. My friend Amy and I went to shoot photos of the amazing Chihuly blown glass that was exhibited at the gardens (pictures to come)! This picture actually does have a story, other than it looking like I'm pulling my "hair" out! I LOVE willow trees. Jeff doesn't want a willow tree because they are too messy. This is me "hugging" the branches of the willow tree because I was so excited to see such a big and beautiful one! :)

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  1. Okay, look at this picture: Gracie's face from the nose down.