Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh Shoot! Aperture

I just realized I didn't post my week 2 assignment from my photography class at Jessica Sprague. During week 2, we learned about apertures! Absolutely one of my favorite things! :)

I still get a wee bit confused on the numbers and open vs. closed apertures. To use the aperture priority, I put my setting on A. I then pick the aperture setting and the camera figures out the rest.

I absolutely love my NookColor and I am currently reading Jodi Picoult's most recent release "Sing You Home". So this is the perfect subject for this week's lesson.

The first picture has an open aperture of f/1.8. Doesn't the blurry background look so much better than the detail in second picture with an more closed aperture of f/8.0?

I already knew the term, but we also learned that the blurred background is called "depth of field".

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