Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amish Letter from "V"

I got a letter in the mail today from my sweet Amish friend, "V". I am always so excited when I find one in the mailbox because I always know they will be so delightful! I haven't seen her since January and I really need to go see her in the next couple of weeks! I miss her. She is so precious to me! I thought I'd photograph her letter for you all to see her beautiful writing and the envelopes are always "sealed with love"! Enjoy!!!

DSC_0220 frame

April 26, 2011

Dear Shannon,

"Rainy Greetings"

How are you? Hope great. I'm find to my knowing.

This Tuesday evening about 9:00 I decided I'll seat myself for a silent visit with you. :)

Wow, we sure have had lots of rain these days. But it sure greens up everything. Am sure it delays the farmers for their crops but sure can be thankful tht we didn't have any terrible storms like some areas.

We've been busy this spring so far helping other people with spring cleaning, etc., besides our own spring cleaning.

Sunday us girls and our cousins went on a cruise and had a hot dog roast in the evening. We also babysat little "M" on Sunday as East District Church had council meeting and that makes for a long day. So he was here and what a cute little guy he is.... his eyes are just turning kinda greenish or more hazel and he's had his first haircut at six months and he's now seven months and loves to come see his grandparents and his aunts. :) He gets around in his walker very well and acts so proud that he can run all over. :)

Well, it's bedtime so I'd better quit and hope to see you soon!

Love & Prayers,
A friend "V"