Monday, May 2, 2011

Grand River Flooding

Last week, we had some awesome storms. Unfortunately all the rain has caused the Grand River to flood yet again. But, I took the opportunity to go to Riverside Park... just me and my camera. It was wonderful.

DSC_0313 copy

DSC_0257 copy

Ducks hanging out "in" the parking lot on the cement parking slab. You can see the dock of the boat launch in the background.
DSC_0254 copy

DSC_0226 copy

DSC_0247 copy

DSC_0260 copy

DSC_0271 copy

DSC_0263 copy

DSC_0309 copy

DSC_0317 copy

Another boat launch dock under water, with Grand Rapids in the background.
DSC_0321 copy


  1. These are great! I miss Riverside Park.....

  2. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous... even if it is of the stinky Grand River!

  3. Love the pics of course lol