Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Voices From the Past - A Group Photograph

When I saw this photograph, I instantly fell in love.  Someone clearly took precious time to carefully number each person on the front, being sure to put the numbers in the same position as each person, and put a name with each number and person on the back.  The writing is so elegant, and the names are so beautiful.   The photograph is mounted on a beautiful embossed cardboard, and I imagine the numbers and names being written with an elegant fountain pen.   I wonder what they were posing for?  Was it a graduating class?  Was it a family picture?  Let your imagination travel back to the early 1900's.... I'd like you to meet this lovely group of people...

1.  Betsy Johnson
2.  Edith Anderson
3.  Sophie Larson
4   Morris Johnson
5.  Nora Greenland
6.  Tertulia Forzen
7.  Naydean Miss
8.  Fulton Kaufman
9.  Bertha Jackson
10. Cora Garvin
11. Helen Christianson
12. Worthington Mahin
13. Otillie Kjelland
14. Alice Baker
15. Edith Berrisford
16. George Lenhart

I did an internet search of some of the names and found two of them in the 1940's North Dakota census. Worthington Mahin was born in 1879.  Otillie Kjelland was born in 1883. I don't believe it is a coincidence that both are from North Dakota, both born around the same time, and both in the 1940's census.... I believe these two people, if not the entire group, are from North Dakota.

A closer crop of the group....

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