Thursday, July 28, 2011

Really??? It's been over a month since I posted!!! Bad, bad blogger!!!!

What have I been up to? LOTS! Beginning of May, I managed to get pretty sick with bronchitis. We went to Minnesota over the Memorial Day weekend for Shantel's high school graduation and grad party.... but a week before we left, I managed to smash my foot and shocked everyone that it wasn't broken, but lots of soft tissue damage (still hurts if I push on it wrong). Then Shantel and Angie followed us back to Michigan and spent over a week here. Then I managed to get poison ivy for the first time in my life which subsequently resulted in a horrible allergic reaction to God knows what. I spent two+ weeks with horrible hives, missed a bunch of work. Then the first week of July... Monica, Dad, Sheena, Ella and Kiara came to visit. Thankfully my hives were sort-of under control by that point. Sheena and I spent two wonderful days in Detroit (our first sister trip ever). The following week, Jeff and I spent three amazing days up north.... two nights on Mackinac Island, spent some time in Traverse City. And the last couple of weeks, I've spent time getting caught up at home and at work, and trying to edit pictures..... I still have over 1000 to look through!

I'm so proud of my little sister! She graduated 3rd in her class. She will be moving to Michigan in just 1 1/2 weeks to attend Central Michigan University in their pre-med program! I absolutely cannot wait to have her here!!!

I'll end this post with a couple of pictures from her graduation. The first one of us siblings... L to R - me, Shantel, Sheena and Shaun. The second one is of Shantel and some of her friends (Shantel was thrilled to have her own sister-photographer for the weekend) before the ceremony. And the last one is of Shantel after the ceremony, walking back down the aisle!

I love you, Shantel.... you make me so proud!




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  1. What a month of ups and downs! I am glad that you are recovering! Great photos and can't wait to see all 1000! ;)