Wednesday, October 12, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 30 - Self-portrait

Wow! I did it!! Although I was late on a couple days, I completed this challenge! Thanks to Misti for hosting this super fun challenge. It had me totally thinking outside the box and I got to meet a lot of great photographers and bloggers along the way!! Misti is cooking up her own list and will be hosting another one (I hope real soon!)!!!

I've been totally loving everyone's Instagram images lately, and since my camera is way too heavy to do a self-portrait, and I didn't feel like playing with a timer, I went with an iPhone pic! :) Here is me kissing my beautiful baby!


  1. Cute!!! This was a fun 30 days!!

  2. first of the new header! :)

    this is adorable. a great pic to finish off the chalenge. your dog is gorgeous. :)

  3. Thanks everyone!! Angela, I totally get bored easily and love to change it up! :) And thanksf or the compliment about my dog. She practically perfect in every way.... just like Mary Poppins! :)