Saturday, October 15, 2011

Poladroid = Fun!

Do you remember the days of taking instant pictures with a Polaroid camera? I have tons of Polaroid pictures in boxes from my childhood!!!! I totally remember the camera spitting the picture out, and waiting for the image to appear very SLOWLY.... and you'd even wave the picture around in the air as if that helps it develop faster!

I found the most perfect thing on Angela's blog.... the Poladroid!!!! It's seriously the funnest thing ever! It's a free download, and if you were shaking your head at any of those sweet Polaroid memories I mentioned above, you MUST get it! All you do is drag and drop photos on the cute camera that shows up on your desktop and sit and watch it develop. Heck, you can even shake it to try to get it to develop faster! And if that isn't enough fun for you.... make sure you have your volume cranked and you get to hear that wonderful click followed by the camera spitting out the picture! Totally fun! As if I needed another obsession. Oh boy.

My favorite is my friend April's daughter, Madeline, with her pet chicken. I love this one most because you would never guess this image was taken in 2011... I think it's the chicken and the lack of anything modern in the image! Totally fun!

DSC_3281 copy-pola

And a couple.... Jeff and I on Mackinac Island and the cute little yellow house on the island that I would die to have.

DSC_5722-pola DSC_5723-pola

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  1. LOVE them. it's so incredibly addicting isn't it? i love going back to the oldest pics i have on my computer and making them "new" again with the poladroid. :)