Friday, April 13, 2012

Insta-Friday - April 13, 2012

From Life Rearranged - "Simple, everyday moments make up our lives. If we're not careful, we'll miss it. Capture it in all its grainy glory using nothing but a cell phone."

I am totally loving Insta-Friday. Such a great way to share images I've taken with my iPhone all week long.... and because I don't carry my big DSLR around with me all the time, I love that my iPhone really takes pretty good images!! However, I cannot wait until my contract is up in November to get the newest iPhone.... which has 8 megapixels compared to my 5! :) That will be fantastic! Anyways, onto this week's Insta-Friday images!

I got new spectacles..... and had fun playing with old ones! :)

Speaking of old.... while we were at the antique shop, I saw this cute little doll.  And I remembered this egg thing.... maybe from my grandma's house when I was a kid??  Not sure.

Pretty sunset, my lazy baby girl, puffy clouds and one of my silly fish!

Skywalk at the Children's Hospital, pretty jetstreams, crazy car and a barn

I love this dog!!  She is practically perfect in every way.... just like Mary Poppins!

Pretty blue building....

And Starbucks

And my sister who is gonna be a doctor!
 She totally inspires me!

And I wanna tell you about W.A.R. - Women at Risk! It is an amazing organization that helps rescue women in other countries who are sold into sexual slavery!!  These women make goods that are sold in shops.... we have a shop just 10 minutes from my house and I finally made it there tonight!!  And I found the most beautiful necklace.  It was made by Tom, age 30, from Thailand!  I even received a card that showed that Tom lives in the Thai safehouse #5.... and shows a picture of her (right above the number 3 on her hand-signed tag)!!  How AWESOME is this????
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  1. Wow - congrats to your sister! Your pup is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing!