Friday, April 6, 2012

Insta-Friday - April 6, 2012

Woweeeee...... I took a lot of pictures this week!!  I even snapped a few while Grace and I were out running! :)

First, beautiful sunset on the way home from class.

Fantastic find at an estate sale.... for the bargain price of $1.

We have have connections..... :)  Uncle Carl brings Lady Isabelle all kinds of goodies!!  She especially loves Greenies! :)

Love this necklace.... I saw it in the hospital gift shop and new right away that I HAD to have it!!!!  Others are jealous of me.... rightly so, because it totally rocks!

Jeff and I had a Groupon to use at a local sushi restaurant.  I tried the shrimp one and choked on wasabi.  I opted for chicken teriyaki.

Silly things sitting in the middle of the road behind Costco.

Our garage wall!! :)  We love microbrews.... so every time we try a new 6-pack, we cut the side off one and staple it to the wall!

What Lady does while we are cleaning house.  Lazy bones..... she really needs to start earning her keep instead of relying on free dog food from Uncle Carl!

And another imaging catching her being lazy yet again!  She lays in the odds (and cutest) positions! She even crosses her legs.... good girl!

Jeff and I enjoyed an evening this week sitting on the deck in our favorite chairs.  Here's a picture of him.... and a picture of my Oberon!


Love puzzles....

And some pictures from Grace and my run..... :) Couldn't help but take a few mini breaks for some great photo ops!

And who leaves a junkie couch on the side of the road.... slobs.

Love cattails

Pretty trees and blue sky!

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  1. love these! those two shadow shots are gorgeous. even with the trashy couch. :)

  2. Great captures - I love the sunset in the first photo and then I have something with trees - I've been capturing a lot of trees ;-)