Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blanchard Dam - Royalton, Minnesota

Blanchard Dam is a hydro-electric dam built on the Mississippi River in 1925 near my hometown of Royalton, MN.  It's absolutely impressive, the size is enormous, and I love the vintage feel of it!  The old Soo Line Railroad track, now converted to a walking and snowmobile trail, goes across the Mississippi just hundreds of feet in front of the dam.  It's absolutely amazing!!  The amount of water pouring through the gates is mind-blowing, especially when the river is high in the spring or after heavy rainfalls!  I knew this morning would be a perfect time to visit because of the recent rain we've received.  I got some shots with my iPhone, and a video in which you can hear the loud roar of the water!

Some panorama shots.....
From the side of the dam
From the Soo Line trail looking north at the dam
From the Soo Line Trail looking south downstream

From the side of the dam....

From the Soo Line Trail.....
The mighty Mississippi River

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