Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Voices From The Past.... A Soldier - Taken By The Photomatic

This image was "Taken By The Photomatic".  The Photomatic was a photo booth produced by the International Mutoscope Reel Corporation in New York City back in the late 1930's, early 1940's.  You could get an image like the one below for 10 cents, and it would print in less than a minute.  Most of the images had a metal frame, but apparently there are a few out there like the one I have below in the cardboard frames.  I hope to find some more of these amazing treasures some day!!! Below you will also find a picture of an old magazine ad for The Photomatic that I found on the Modern Mechanix Blog. So neat!

I wonder what this solider was thinking.  His eyes look so very deep.  Was he full of worry?  Was he getting ready to be shipped across seas for WWII, sharing one last fun-filled day with friends when they came upon the photo booth?  Sometimes when I pick up these old photographs, I imagine the subject holding onto it, looking at it... just like I am doing now. And knowing that the person looking back at me, held this very photograph that I am holding onto now....

Image From the Modern Mechanix Blog

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