Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fergus Falls State Hospital - Kirkbride Historic Insane Asylum

I had the pleasure of touring and photographing this beautiful structure this past Monday!  I have been a long lover of these beautiful Kirkbride structures and am very intrigued by psychiatric history.  So this opportunity was truly a dream come true and I am so thankful to Maxine and Gene for being so hospitable.  If you know anything about these structures and their history (and their future), you will understand why Gene and Maxine are working so hard to try to save this stunning Kirkbride which is in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.  Many of these structures have been demolished, partially demolished or are in danger of being demolished.  Please visit their Facebook page - "Friends of Kirkbride" for more information about their passion to save this structure.  If you'd like to get involved (and I highly encourage you to do so), I do have information on actions steps which I will be scanning in and putting in a future blog post or visit their Facebook page.

I took about 600 images... it'll take me awhile to get through them all!  But I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite images (so far)!

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20120305-DSC_2173 fb

20120305-DSC_1995 fb

20120305-DSC_2151-Edit fb

Meet Gene and Maxine!

Keep checking back for more Fergus Falls images as I get through them.  I also have some images that I shot last summer of another stunning Kirkbride which is in Traverse City, Michigan.  This one is currently being renrenovated into shops, restaurants and condos.


  1. Thanks for the kudos. We do need all the help we can get!

  2. Oh wow!! Beautiful, simply beautiful!!! I will have to look this place up. Your photos are just a stunning of the buildings!