Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just the Five of us.....

No traveling this year.... just celebrating Jesus at home. We made a batch of cookies, had a turkey dinner on Christmas Eve and a crab leg dinner on Christmas day. It was wonderful. Gift giving was very easy this year!!! Both of the kids wanted (and well, actually need for school) their own laptop. We all received mostly money from family in Minnesota with the exception of a few small gifts from my dad and step-mom.

I actually got a picture of the kids together!! They are at the age where they don't like to get to close to one another! :)


But before we could open gifts, Lady started pawing at everyone's gifts so we had to let her open hers first. She clearly doesn't forget what Christmas is about!! :)


And then it was Michael and Grace's turns!


And I got my music note Pandora charm!!!
And as if Lady didn't have enough opening her gift, she had to help Jeff! I caught the tail-end on video.


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  1. Sweet Christmas! I love the video of Lady! Especially when she spit out the wrapping paper! I was ROFL!