Monday, January 2, 2012

M4H Project 52 - Week 1: Resolution

My 2012 resolution is to read my Bible.
Read it more than just Sunday mornings in church.
Read it and really live it.
M4H Project 52 - Week 1 - Resolution


When I saw this week's theme, My first thought was a resolution of losing weight, eating better, exercising more and living an overall healthier lifestyle.... so I took this picture.  And while I think this image is a good one and the goal is great, something just didn't feel right. And I realized why..... 
I know that I cannot do any of these things without the help of Jesus!
M4H Project 52 - Week 1 - Resolution (2nd choice)


  1. I was scrolling down, looking for the picture with the bible, shoes and IPod! LOL I wish you the best with your New Years resolutions, and your M4H Project 52!

  2. Love your photo(s)and your resolutions! It's true we can't do anything without Him. Following you back from tHis beloved life. Yay for blog plugs :) :)