Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge, Day 14 - Eyes

It was a total no-brainer when I saw today's challenge topic..... my baby has the best blue eyes!
Day 14 - Eyes 2
Day 14 - Eyes 3

My honey went fishing yesterday and caught a couple walleye. I was up for a real challenge, so I tried to photograph the walleye. I knew it would be a difficult to get a good picture of it's glowing eye... and this is what I ended up with. I took a bunch of them and finally hit the angle just right... Not too bad, I guess.
Day 14 - Eyes_edited-1


  1. Oh I have always loved those doggie blues! That breed has the most amazing eyes!!

  2. awwww.. can I have your doggy.. Beautiful eyes!

  3. LOL @ Mel! Sorry, my mommy didn't teach me how to share! :)

  4. OOOh what a gorgeous gorgeous doggie. I love those eyes.