Saturday, September 17, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge, Day 4 - Something Green

Can the candles that are available this time of year be any yummier???? Today, Bath and Body Works is having one of their fabulous scent events.... with any home fragrance purchase, you receive a free cute bag along with three cute and yummy mini candles. I knew right away which candle I was absolutely getting.... this green Apple Crumble candle reminds me of fresh warm apple crisp. Yum.
Day 4 - Something Green_edited-1
Day 4 - Something Green 2_edited-2

I'm trying to get caught up with everyone else in the challenge, so I'm posting multiple a day for a couple days. To join in the fun, check out the FUN FAMILY BLOG!!!!!


  1. I love Fall. I can almost smell those candles. Great shots.

  2. I love candles... can't wait to burn some! Love the smell of green apple too!