Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge, Day 2 - What I Wore Today

When I am not working, I am normally in a Central Michigan University t-shirt, hair in a pony tail with my favorite black headbands, Fendi glasses, wedding ring, hoop earrings and my beloved Pandora bracelet! (Don't mind my pasty white skin... not a fan of the sun. Please don't throw tomatoes at me for saying I don't like the sun. Not too sure about all these self-portraits either.)

Day 2 - What I Wore Today_edited-1

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  1. You're cute and you know it!!!

  2. Cute!!! I don't like the sun, and it doesn't like me either :)

  3. So cute!! You are smart to stay out of the sun. You will thank yourself when you get older :)